Jumping Goat - Coffee Infused Chilli Vodka Liqueur


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In collaboration with Kaitaia Fire we bring to you our Chili Edition. A limited release batch of 330 bottles to have you sweating over summer.

Our coffee liqueur's made to open the eyes of late night coffee lovers around the world. Real coffee blended with real top quality liquor - it's an award winning combination.

Now we want those eyes to sweat a little too.

We've collaborated with the chili wizards at Kaitaia Fire, infusing our award-winning coffee liqueur with a blend of 18-month barrel aged cayenne and habanero chili. This is real fire - a raging spice bonfire next to the feeble candle heat of most chili liquors. But be warned. If you can't hack a bit of heat, you'll wanna put the toilet paper in the freezer and pre-book a bed at the burns unit.

This stuff ain't no joke.

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